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do you ever wonder what makes an airplane fly or what it would be like to soar as an eagle? do you really want to know?


if you do then you probably should consider becoming a pilot. flying an airplane is easy and almost anyone can learn in a short period of time. if you can spend six hours per week including weekends you can earn your private pilot licenses in as little as four months. just imagine, in sixteen weeks you could be taking your family and friends flying to exotic places.


learning to fly the basic light four-seat airplane will add new dimensions to weekend getaways and make a short dinner flight an unforgettable evening. your family and friends will admire you when they find out how few people are pilots.


if you would like to find out if flying is for you come on out to the airport and take a introductory flight lesson with ken doherty. to schedule call ken at (901) 270-8741 or click here to send me an email.


must be eighteen years old or have a parent’s consent before any flight. picture id required. 

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