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If you are going to be successful as a Flight Instructor you need to get your CFII and the sooner the better. The private pilots students you train now are your best source for Instrument Students applicants and you know how they were trained. 


You can earn your CFII in a few days and at a cost far less than you might think. Call Ken Doherty at (901) 270-8741 to get your CFII in Memphis, Tennessee Area.


The CFII program is all-inclusive and structured to maximize training time so you finish your CFII in 2 to 3 days including check ride.


Students are paired up as study partners, permitting one student to participate as the “Instructor” and the other as an “observer” then switch roles. This permits students to observe maneuvers before that must perform them. This process reduces many errors permitting students to complete their training in less time. 


The CFII program starts when you are ready by calling Ken Doherty at (901) 270-8741 or clicking here


Inexpensive lodging and other accommodations available near the airport.



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